Scout Solutions ProvidesAdvanced Functionality / Distribution

Ready to be the Hero? Help your athletes reach their full potential while maximizing your time.

Use Existing HD Cameras

  • We don’t require you to buy our cameras
  • Supports multiple sync’d camera angles
  • Compatible with mounted or mobile cameras
  • Hardwire your cameras or choose a wireless connection

SuperFast Video Distribution

  • Automatically receive videos in seconds
  • Get only what you want
  • Share through Social Media, Text, & More

No Internet Required Operate Anywhere

Runs right from your iPad or iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I compare video clips?

    Yes. Athletes and coaches use this feature all the time when identifying a change allowing them to get back into peak performance.

  • Can I fly commercially with my SideLine Scout Box?

    Yes. Our SideLine Scout box has flown all over the world without issue. We always recommend you carry it on versus checking it as a piece of luggage. If you do check it you need to secure it in a foam padded case like other electronic equipment. If you don't currently have a luggage case for this please inquire with one of our team members.

  • Can I share my video on social media or to my family?

    Yes. While using the SideLine Scout Viewer app from your iPad or iPhone you can easily share directly to social media, text message, email, etc....

  • Can I use the same cameras I used with my old TiVo or DVR?

    If your cameras are IP then yes. If your cameras have BNC connection then you will need a converter to make it a network camera.

  • Do I need internet access to make the system run?

    No. The SideLine Scout box creates its own local network.

  • How many cameras can I have?

    You are not limited to the number of cameras connected to your system. When deciding on how many cameras you will capture simultaneously you should consider your network infrastructure to determine your best performance.

  • I know my video clip will be sent within seconds to my mobile device, but what happens when I leave the facility?

    Once your video clip downloads to your Viewer App it is stored on your device without the need of the internet or cloud connection. Take it with you to hotel, dorm room, etc..

  • Is there a way to make my old cameras work if it's not an IP Network camera?

    Yes. There is a converter that allows you to turn a HDMI and SDI cameras into a network camera.

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