2 Camera Bundle for Volleyball


$200.00/yr after the first year
(Software License)

  • Sideline Live Individual Subscription – 1 Year
  • 1 Apple TV 4K w/Mount and Remote Case
  • 2 HD Bullet Cameras – 30fps (60fps-120fps upgrade available)
  • PoE Switch


Sideline Live - Individual Subscription

$200.00/yr after the first year
(Software License)

Apple TV 4K 32GB

Apple TV 4K Wall/TV Mount

Apple TV 4K Wall Mount Bracket Holder

Apple TV 4K Remote Case

Light Weight (Anti-Slip) Shock Proof Silicone Cover for Apple TV 4K/4th Gen.

HD Bullet Camera 4mm × 2

5-Port POE Switch

5-Port POE Desktop 10/100 Power Ethernet Switch

Warranty: 30 Days